• Entry of oils, emulsions, drawing greases
  • Abrasion due to deformation
  • Oils with chlorine and sulfur compounds
  • Burrs and particles through cutting processes
  • Lubricants and phosphates
  • Ray remains, wax, fingerprints, dust…


  • FE materials (SS, ST) (corrosion protection in the case of aqueous cleaning)
  • Non-ferrous materials (AL) (rinsing quality, demineralised water for aqueous cleaning
  • Discoloration due to temperature and chemistry


  • Surface adhering parts are ideally cleaned only by movement
  • Punching, bending oils, greases must be dissolved and also removed
  • Corrosion due to residual moisture between the parts

Typical challenges when cleaning fasteners.

  • Parts cleaning is one of the critical areas in today’s production processes. Be it to achieve the required cleanliness for subsequent process steps or to ensure the quality and functionality of the component to be cleaned.
The solution

Positioning & Handling

  • Bulk goods or goods placed
  • High throughput, especially in 3-shift operation
  • Risk of damage from bending and scratches
  • “In-stacking” with bulk material

Technical component cleanliness

  • Frequently bauble burr, offcuts etc.
  • Influence through magnetism
  • Particular requirements depending on industry and application
  • Increasingly metallic and non-metallic particles in focus
  • Inspection of the component cleanliness necessary (e.g. spraying of the cleaned parts, microscopic evaluation of the filters)

Surface quality

  • Reduction of organic/filmic impurities that can negatively affect subsequent processes (coating, gluing, painting …)
  • Area or punctual requirement
  • Control and measurement by means of test inks, fluorescence measurement, TC

Efficient and economical cleaning of fasteners



Maximum flexibility is ensured by different batch sizes and constellations, whether they are bulk or set goods.



Fasteners 100% clean and dry – tailored to the various materials and contaminants, different cleaning methods and drying concepts are available that reliably and thoroughly clean and dry the component.



Ecoclean covers the entire spectrum of wet-chemical cleaning technology – whether with aqueous or solvent-based cleaning – in our modern technology centers, we perform trials with original parts simulating real production conditions to define the optimum cleaning concept for you.



Fast and reliable – Thanks to optimized system technology, power-efficient component cleaning and a wide variety of automation concepts, the throughput is increased and unit costs reduced.

Cleaning solutions that convince



The new dimension in solvent-based cleaning

Rising demands for the quality of fasteners require increasingly complex solutions from industrial parts cleaning processes. With the EcoCcore a solvent cleaning machine perfectly tailored to satisfy these requirements has been designed. The system offers maximum flexibility and high capacity with respect to throughput and volumes, with optimized cost efficiency as the result.



The all-round talent for aqueous parts cleaning

The EcoCwave is a powerful spray flood cleaning system with a vacuum-tight work chamber. At the user’s option, it can be equipped for either two or three independent cleaning steps. The use of upright cylindrical flood tanks,which have been developed for fine cleaning applications, ensure an optimized fluid management, a high flexibility and improved process quality.

Mega 86W

Mega 86W

The solution for high demands

For the cleaning of fasteners, which require particularly high throughputs and surface quality through ultrafine cleaning, the multi-stage aqueous immersion cleaning system Mega 86W offers a multitude of possibilities. Through a wide variety of process and equipment variants, the Mega 86W is successfully used for the cleaning of mass and bulk components.

Ecoclean success stories

Innovative thinking for highest cleanliness requirements when cleaning fasteners.

Case study: SFS Intec

Innovative machine technology doubles throughput and boosts cost-efficiency – The expansion of capacity and environmental aspects at the Swiss plant Flawil of SFS intec AG was decisive for replacing an existing perchlorethylene cleaning plant for deep-drawing and extruded parts. […]

Case study: Steel Automotive

High-quality cleaning and degreasing of high quantities – Punching and forming parts for the automotive industry, which fall out of the press every second, are a challenge when it comes to cleaning parts, especially when tacky, weldable and corrosion-protected surfaces are required […]

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Ecoclean cleaning solutions are based on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and cutting-edge technology that inspires!

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